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  • FAQs: International Motor Vehicle Report with History (IMVR with History) >

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    International MVR with History expands on International MVR results to include driver history information such as convictions, violations, and conditions. IMVR with History is currently available to candidates with a Canadian work location and a Canadian driver’s license.

    1. Select Canada as the geographic location (country).
    2. Select the package that includes IMVR.
    3. Enter the candidate's email.

    It is not currently possible to request multiple Provinces for the same candidate. If you require IMVR with history for multiple provinces, you must order a separate report.

    Candidates must provide the following:

    • Applicant’s Name - Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
    • Country of issue
    • Province of issue
    • Driver License number
    • License Class
    • License expiration date
    • Photo of the License
    • Provincial-specific forms, if applicable
      • Candidates will encounter these forms during the application process. They must download, complete, and upload each form directly into the application.   

    Most motor vehicle violations are not criminal violations. However, some violations can fall under the criminal code in Canada. Such offenses may include but are not limited to:

    • Criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle
    • Driving while prohibited
    • Engaging police in a pursuit
    • Failing to provide a breath sample
    • Dangerous driving
    • Failing to stop after an accident
    • Causing bodily harm or death
    • Impaired driving

    The average turnaround time varies depending on the location but ranges from hours to weeks. Here are the general turnaround times by province:


    Turnaround time


    N/A - must be provided by the candidate

    British Columbia

    7 - 14 business days


    7 - 14 business days

    New Brunswick

    7 - 14 business days

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    7 - 14 business days

    Northwest Territories

    14 - 21 business days

    Nova Scotia

    7 - 14 business days


    7 - 14 business days


    Same day

    Prince Edward Island

    7 - 14 business days


    14 - 21 business days


    14 - 21 business days


    7 - 14 business days

    Yes, a copy of the document issued by the corresponding licensing center will be uploaded to the report and visible to clients and candidates.

  • Can I order an international screening for a minor? >

    No, international screenings are not ordered for candidates below the age of 18.

  • How do I run a background check on a US candidate who lives internationally? >

    To order a report for a US candidate working outside of the US, you must order an international search

    Note that standard international packages include five years of address history. To change this lookback period, contact Checkr support.

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  • How can my candidate change the language of their background check application? >

    Candidates can adjust the language displayed within the background check invitation by scrolling to the bottom of the first page and clicking the language button. 

    The default language a candidate sees during the background check process is determined by the work location selected during the invitation process. Each background check invitation sent via email will also contain a version in English, which can be viewed by scrolling down through the email invitation itself.

    Checkr currently offers the following languages within the Candidate Portal and application process: 

    • English
    • French/Français (+ Canada dialect)
    • Spanish/Español (+ European dialect)
    • German/Deutsch

    Candidates may also change the language they see within the Candidate Portal by selecting the language from the dropdown located in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Where can I check the status of international operations, such as outages and closures? >

    The Checkr International Data Status page documents closures, planned and unplanned outages, and other incidents that may occur regarding international sources. 

    Customers may select “SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES” in the upper right corner of the page to receive email notifications whenever Checkr International Data Status creates, updates, or resolves an incident.

  • How do I order an international package? >

    If your Checkr account is integrated with a partner, international background checks might be unavailable. To determine whether your account supports this feature, contact Checkr.

    To get started:

    1. In the Checkr Dashboard, click Order background check.
    2. Select the country in which you’re hiring.
    3. Enter your candidate's email address and click Continue.
    4. Select the applicable international package and click Continue.

    For more information about international packages and pricing, please refer to the following articles:  

  • How long does an international background check take? >

    International background checks typically take longer than screenings for US-based candidates. Expected turnaround time (TAT) can also vary based on the types of checks selected in your background check package. The table below lists common turnaround times for Checkr’s most frequently requested countries. For a full list of TATs for international screenings, visit the international pricing guide

    Please note that turnaround time begins when Checkr has received all forms and information required for the selected screenings from your candidate.
  • What is the candidate experience for non-US checks? >

    The overall candidate experience is similar to our United States checks. Notable differences include:

    1. The candidate email invitation and apply flow may display in an alternate language based on the work location or country chosen by the customer when ordering the report. The dropdown menu in the top-right corner allows candidates to display a different language. Available languages include:

    • English
    • French/Français (+ Canada dialect)
    • Spanish/Español (+ European dialect)
    • German/Deutsch

    2. Candidates generally must take more steps to consent to a non-US background check than to consent to a US background check. Checkr, and possibly a government agency from the candidate's country of residence or employment, may contact the candidate for additional consent. The turnaround time of the background check often depends on how quickly the candidate responds to these consent requests. A valid national ID is required.

    3. There are different portals available to track the progress of a candidate's screening(s) and access their completed report. Which portal they use depends on their location:

    Candidates can also contact Checkr Candidate Support with any questions about a pending non-US background check or for a copy of the report.

    Examples of the candidate apply-flow

    Generic non-US welcome screen















    United Kingdom



  • I'm receiving an error message when trying to initiate an international screening. What does this error mean?  >

    If your Checkr account is integrated with a partner, international background checks might be unavailable. To determine whether your account supports this feature, contact Checkr.

    Error: International package cannot be used

    What it means: You're attempting to send a candidate the Pure International package (Ex. International Criminal with Verifications) but have identified their work location as the United States. 

    Possible Solution: Verify the candidate’s work location, i.e. the location where they will be performing work. If the candidate is performing work in the United States, you will need to request a domestic package, not an international package.


    Error: International package is required

    What it means: You're attempting to send a candidate a Domestic package (ex. Pro Criminal) but have identified their work location as outside of the United States.

    Possible Solution: Verify the candidate’s work location, i.e. where the candidate is performing work. If the work location is international, you will need to request an international package, not a domestic package.


    Disclaimer: This does not constitute and is not intended to be construed as legal advice. Please consult your legal counsel regarding your compliance obligations and best practices. 

  • Are there additional information and documentation requirements for non-US candidates? >

    Each country has its own laws and regulations relating to running background checks and what information is required. For this reason, some countries will ask for more information compared to the US.

    Some countries that require extra steps from both customers and candidates include the following: 




    Australia assigns numerical values to different forms of identity documents. Candidates must submit multiple IDs that add up to at least 100 points. Please see the Australia National Police Check Application for instructions and details. 


    In-country candidates must complete instructions sent to them by email for Criminal checks. 


    Candidates must respond to an email asking them to confirm the Criminal Check. When it is complete, they will receive a copy of their report, which they must then upload to the Checkr Candidate Portal for processing. Learn more.


    Candidates will receive an email with further instructions. In-country candidates must visit their local town hall to request a criminal record certificate. Out-of-country candidates must have their application notarized and then mail it to a US address. Learn more.


    Candidates will be sent a copy of their certificate, which they must then upload to the Checkr Candidate Portal for processing. Out-of-country candidates will not be notified by phone or by email; they will simply receive the certificate. In-country candidates will be notified by email and will be mailed the certificate directly. Learn more.


    Candidates must contact the authorities in Norway directly to obtain a police certificate of conduct, which they must then upload to the Checkr Candidate Portal for processing. Information for obtaining this certificate can be found here

    United Kingdom

    Candidates are required to complete digital identity verification.  If a candidate does not pass or chooses to opt out, customers must verify their identity and submit a UK Document Declaration form for the candidate. Information about the UK Document Declaration form can be found here.


    Please consult your legal counsel if you have further questions regarding your compliance obligations and best practices. 

  • How does GDPR apply to international screenings? >

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. It is a set of protections for individuals located within the EU and is intended to keep their data secure. GDPR applies to all individuals located within the EU. This means that any person, regardless of their citizenship, who has their personal data collected while located in the EU, receives the protections granted under GDPR. A similar law in the United Kingdom, the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), protects individuals located within the UK. 

    Data Processing Laws: We process candidate information and background report information consistent with applicable law and our Privacy Policy. We also require our service providers to comply with applicable laws, including the GDPR and UK GDPR.

    Data Protection Addendum (DPA): We ask customers to enter into a Data Protection Addendum (DPA) with Checkr to help protect candidate information and comply with international legal obligations. Our DPA includes the EU and UK standard contractual clauses for data transfers outside the EU and UK, respectively.  Checkr is a processor of international candidate data. We process such data in accordance with local laws and our Privacy Policy, including responding to data subjects’ requests. We require our service providers to comply with applicable local laws, including the GDPR and the UK GDPR. 

    EU/UK data subjects and GDPR/UK GDPR: Our Privacy Policy sets forth our processing activities for personal data related to EU and UK data subjects. 

    Background Check Report Content: Other countries’ privacy laws are often stricter than US laws, meaning there may be less information available in other countries.

    Report Permissibility: Certain countries do not permit background checks, and Checkr may not learn whether a background check is permitted by that particular country until we receive a response from the applicable government. If a report is not permitted, you will not be charged for the background check.