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Update Your License Information

To update your driver's license information, first, log into the Candidate Portal. Open the report that you want to update. Scroll down towards the bottom of the webpage, then click on the "Update License" button and enter your current driver's license information.

I can’t find “Update License” on my report

If this button isn’t available, you are no longer eligible for a driver’s license update. You should contact the organization you applied with for next steps.

We offer the 'Candidate Stories' feature for applicants to share their stories directly with potential employers. Check availability by logging into the Candidate Portal and looking for the 'Share more information' option at the page bottom. Click here for more details and tips on creating an impactful Candidate story.

Please note that violation records are reported directly by your state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Paying off a ticket or satisfying a court order does not always remove a violation from your driving record. As long as a violation is being reported on your driving record by your state DMV, it will be included on your motor vehicle report (MVR).

In some cases, you may be able to have a violation record amended or removed from your driving record by contacting your DMV directly.

If information has been displayed on your report –

  • The information we are reporting comes directly from current court records.
  • The laws that dictate what can and cannot be reported vary by state and industry.
  • These laws are taken into consideration when reporting record information and are also considered when our customers make decisions based on the information provided.
  • The records reported reflect the current public record at the court level.


Federal and state laws determine the types of information that can be included on your report, and these laws vary by state. Under federal law and in the majority of states, an offense is reportable even if it was dismissed or did not result in conviction.

Checkr does not assess or evaluate the information included in your report. Please refer questions regarding how this information will be considered directly to the company with which you applied.