• Something on my background check report is wrong. What should I do?

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    You take different actions depending on what on your report is incorrect. 

    My personal information is incorrect

    If an item below is incorrect on your report, refer to How do I update my personal information on a report?

    • Name
    • Birth date (DOB)
    • Email
    • Social Security number (SSN)
    • Phone number
    • ZIP code

    The records on my report are not mine or are not accurate

    If your background check report contains information you believe to be inaccurate, you can file a dispute. Examples of disputes include the ones below: 

    • A record reported doesn't belong to you.
    • A record has incorrect details such as dates or charge type.
    • A case status changed after the record was reported.

    To submit a dispute, log in to the Candidate Portal and select "File a dispute" at the bottom of the page. You can upload supporting documents as well. If the "File a dispute" button isn't an option and you want to dispute something, you can use a method below: 

    • Contact Checkr.
    • Mail your dispute to Checkr Inc. 1 Montgomery St. Suite 2400, San Francisco, CA 94104.

    Checkr will review and conduct a reinvestigation into the information.  

    I’ve turned my life around and my report doesn’t reflect who I am today

    At Checkr, we’re proud to help candidates share additional context or evidence of rehabilitation directly with the organizations they apply to. For more information about candidate stories, refer to I've turned my life around and my background check report doesn't reflect who I am today. How do I share my story?

  • How do I submit a request to block adverse information resulting from human trafficking?

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    We accept requests to block adverse information resulting from human trafficking via our online dispute portal. For instructions on how to submit a dispute online, please visit this Help Center article: Something on my background check report is wrong. What should I do?

    We also have two mailing addresses that may be used for submitting requests:

    1 Montgomery Street, Suite 2400

    San Francisco, CA 94104

    1621 18th Street, Suite 300

    Denver, CO 80202

    Requests to block adverse information resulting from human trafficking must include the following:

    • Proof of your identity (such as a scanned driver’s license or passport)
    • Trafficking documentation, including at least one of the following:
        • A determination of victim status from a federal, state, or tribal government entity;
        • A determination of victim status from a non-governmental organization or member of a human trafficking task force authorized by the government to make such a determination;
        • Court documents showing victim status; or
        • A statement signed by you or your representative attesting that you are a victim of trafficking. The statement or an accompanying document must also be signed by a government entity, a non-governmental organization or human trafficking task force, or a court.
    • Identification of the adverse information that resulted from human trafficking that you wish to block
  • I filed a dispute. Now what?

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    After you file a dispute, Checkr will review and verify the contested information during a reinvestigation. In compliance with the FCRA, Checkr has 30 days to complete a reinvestigation. Checkr strives to complete reinvestigations as quickly as possible.

    Once the reinvestigation is complete, Checkr will notify you by email of the results. If the reinvestigation results in changes to your background check report, it will be updated, and you will be sent a copy of the updated report. The company you applied with will also receive notification that the dispute is complete, and it can log on and review any changes before making a hiring or engagement decision.

  • My license status was suspended, expired, canceled, disqualified, or other but has since been updated. What should I do? 

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    The first step would be to reach out to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or another agency that administers driver licensing (DMV) to confirm that the status of your license has changed. Please note that it can take up to 3 business days for changes made by the DMV to be reflected on your motor vehicle record. 

    The next step would be to contact us to file a dispute. For more information about how to update your license and file a dispute, refer to the following Help Center articles: 

  • What do the dispositions in my county search or Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) mean?

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    What do these dispositions in my county search or MVR mean?

    • Nolle Prosequi
    • Nolle Prossed
    • No order
    • Withdrawn
    • No information
    • No information filed
    • Vacated
    • Retired


    These dispositions are generally treated as dismissals. If you have specific questions about what the disposition on your report means, you should contact the court directly.

  • Why are you reporting an accident on my report, that I was not at fault in?

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    Some states report accident information regardless of who was at fault. Unless fault is indicated, this only reports the fact that an accident occurred.