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  • Checkr's motor vehicle record (MVR) rules

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    Checkr enables you to define rules that evaluate a candidate’s driving record and determine whether a report status shows Clear or Consider. MVR rules apply in the United States only.

    Checkr's default MVR rules

    By default, Checkr applies the rules below to MVR reports. These rules are based on standard insurance requirements.

    • Driver must be over 18
    • Driver must currently be privileged to drive a passenger vehicle or motorcycle
    • No more than 1 moving violation in the past 3 years AND No more than 1 accident in the past 3 years
    • No more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years (such as failure to stop at a stop sign, following too closely, improper passing)
    • No more than 2 accidents in the past 3 years
    • No major violation in the past 5 years (such as DUIs, or speeding 40+ mph over the limit)
    • No cell phone or distracted driving violation in the past 3 years

    If you want to change these default rules to suit your organization's needs or insurance requirements, contact Checkr.