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    Checkr Health Checks combine occupational health checks with drug screenings, allowing you to evaluate your candidates’ physical fitness for your job requirements. Drug and occupational health screenings can be ordered separately or together, depending on the customer's needs. 

    This article will focus on Checkr Health occupational health screenings. For more information about drug screenings, visit: Checkr Health: Drug Screenings

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    Occupational health screenings allow companies to test their candidate’s ability to meet the physical requirements of a position, including vision tests, respirator fit tests, and tests for tuberculosis (TB) and other communicable diseases.

    Checkr partners with eScreen to offer a wide variety of drug screening options. This partnership allows Checkr Health to provide candidates access to over 6,100 clinics across the country that provide both drug and occupational health screenings in a single location.

    Some states have specific laws or guidelines relating to occupational health screenings in relation to employment. For example, most states require a conditional offer of employment be made before requiring candidates to submit to an occupational health check. Please work with your legal counsel to ensure that you are meeting these requirements.

    Adding screenings to your account

    To add occupational health screenings to your account, contact Checkr Customer Support. It will take  approximately 7-10 business days for Checkr to complete the account setup before you can order your first Checkr Health Check.

    Screening process

    Checkr Health Checks may be run as a standalone screening. Most Checkr Health Checks follow a standard screening workflow: 

    1. Customers issue a screening invitation to the candidate, asking them to complete the screening.
    2. Candidate completes the Checkr-Hosted Apply Flow, which allows them to select a screening location and receive their screening pass.
    3. Candidate contacts the clinic to schedule their appointment and/or verify availability.
    4. Candidate completes their appointment before the screening pass expires. 
    5. If required, customers may update the clinic location on behalf of their candidate, or send them an updated screening pass from the pending report’s page in the Checkr Dashboard.
    6. Once the service(s) is completed, the clinic will send results to eScreen. eScreen will perform administrative review on all occupational health services to ensure results are complete in their entirety. If results are missing required information, eScreen will follow up with the clinic for corrections.
    7. Final results are then posted to the Checkr Dashboard to be reviewed by the customer.

    If a candidate selects a paper-based clinic during the screening process, the screening workflow will take longer than workflows completed using clinics with electronic medical records.


    Review report results

    To view results, open the candidate’s report and click Health Screening. A more detailed screening report can also be viewed by downloading the “Health Screening PDF” from the Report information section of the candidates report.

    Getting help

    With so many parties involved in the end-to-end Checkr Health screening process, it may be confusing where to look for help when questions arise. 

    Visit Checkr’s Drug and Occupational Health FAQs for answers to common questions. The Checkr Customer Support team can help answer general questions such as finding clinics near the candidate’s location or verifying the status of the report. 

    Keep in mind that occupational health screenings take time. Checkr cannot expedite the report or change the outcome of a screening.

    Turnaround time 

    Once the candidate completes their screening appointment, the average turnaround time to receive the result is under 3 days. To prevent delays, work with your candidate to ensure:

    • The candidate calls the clinic to verify availability.
    • The candidate downloads their screening pass and brings it to their clinic appointments. The screening pass is required to complete the screening.
    • The clinic cannot help generate lost or misplaced passes.


    Process Standard turnaround time (TAT)

     Standard services

     48-72 hours

     Services requiring blood work

     4-7 business days


     4-7 business days


    The TAT for paper-based clinics is longer as they require extra time to fax paperwork.

    Candidate experience

    Checkr's Occupational Health scheduling flow allows candidates to schedule one test for all required checks and access the candidate screening pass (or “passport”) within the same system.

    First, candidates will receive a screening invitation from the customer. This invitation asks them to: 

    1. Enter their information,
    2. Consent to the test, and
    3. Select a screening location from a system-provided list. 

    After entering their information, candidates will be presented and asked to acknowledge receipt of applicable forms and notifications, including Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), an Acknowledgement and Authorization for Background Check, and other state and required disclosures as applicable.

    Next, they will verify availability with the clinic and/or schedule their test(s) before the listed date at a lab of their choosing.

    Candidates must then download and print their screening pass and report to the clinic to submit to their drug test.

    The appointment cannot be completed without the screening pass. 

    If you've applied for a job and are looking for more information on your background check’s status or progress, please log into the Checkr Candidate Portal.

    Additional FAQs

    Can Checkr expedite the screening?

    The candidate shared results, can Checkr upload them?

    Finding a clinic location

  • How long does it take to get the results of an Occupational Health Screening (OHS)?

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    How long does it take to get the results of an occupational health screening?


    Turn-around-time (TAT) is typically between 48-72 hours for standard services. However, please expect 4-7 business days for services requiring blood work & for TB/PPD.

  • How do I send my candidate an updated occupational health screening pass?

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    Once the screening window has closed the pass will expire and the report will suspend. To send an updated screening pass:

    1. Open the Candidate’s report in the Checkr Dashboard
    2. Navigate to the Health screening appointment section
    3. Select Email CandidateSend updated screening pass

    After an updated screening pass is shared:

    • The report will be pushed out of the suspended status and into a pending status.
    • The same clinic previously used will be applied to the new passport
    • The expiration date of the screening pass will be updated according to the account/package setting

    If a candidate had NOT been scheduled at their chosen clinic, the customer can still resend the screening invitation by selecting Email Candidate > Re-send screening invitation.

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  • What if a candidate needs to change the location for their occupational health screening appointment?

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    Candidates can change the location of their scheduled drug/health screen directly in the Candidate Portal:

    1. Navigate to the Health screening information section
    2. Select Change Location

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  • Finding a clinic location for a occupational health screening

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    If the customer (or candidate) is searching a zip code and no locations are returned, that likely means that there are no clinics available in a 60-mile radius that perform the required test.

    There may be “Out of Network” clinics that are not enabled in the customer account settings available. These clinics are typically more expensive and require customer agreement in place before leveraging these additional locations.

    If you need to inquire further about available clinics in a particular zip code please contact Checkr Customer Support and we will assist in running a zip code search to identify if alternative locations may be available to your candidate.

  • How do I extend the deadline on an occupational health screening pass?

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    To update an active screening pass:

    1. Open the Candidate’s report in the Checkr Dashboard
    2. Navigate to the Health screening appointment section
    3. Select Add more time

    There are no limitations to how much time can be added to active screening passes or how often they can be updated. Customers should use the Add more time button in conjunction with their internal hiring policies and expectations for completing a drug/health test. 

    If the pass has expired, the Add more time button will disappear and the customer should send an updated screening pass or re-send a screening invitation. 

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  • Does Checkr offer occupational health screenings for candidates outside the United States?

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    No, Checkr does not offer occupational health screenings outside the United States at this time. 

  • Tracking COVID-19 vaccine status

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    Does Checkr provide any type of support keeping track of COVID-19 vaccine statuses of employees?



    Checkr does not currently provide support tracking COVID-19 vaccination status of candidates or employees. In a new partnership with CLEAR, candidates will soon be able to use CLEAR’s Health Pass to demonstrate proof of vaccination for employers that require it. Read more about this partnership by visiting CLEAR and Checkr Partner on Frictionless Background Check Process.