• What is the difference between international screenings and U.S. searches with out-of-country history, and which searches can I run? 

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    Evaluate the candidate’s work location to determine whether an international screening or a US screening with out-of-country history enabled best suits your organization’s needs. 

    International searches

    Checkr currently offers the following international screenings for candidates with work locations (meaning where the candidate will be performing their work) outside the United States:

    • International Criminal
    • Adverse Media Search - may be enabled to automatically run if criminal is not available
    • Identity Document Verification
    • Global Watchlist
    • Education Verification
    • Employment Verification

    For example, if a candidate lives and will be working in the United Kingdom, an international screening(s) would be selected.  

    U.S. searches with out-of-country history

    Some candidates have an address history outside of the United States but a U.S. work location. Checkr currently offers an out-of-country history setting that can be added to any US criminal search or verification. The option can be applied for candidates who will perform their work inside the US but who have an address history outside the US. Screening types that can be run on domestic screenings with out-of-country history include: 

    • International Criminal
    • Adverse Media
    • Education Verification
    • Employment Verification

    To learn more, visit International Screenings. To add new packages to your account, refer to Manage packages.

    Disclaimer: This does not constitute and is not intended to be construed as legal advice. Please consult your legal counsel regarding your compliance obligations and best practices.