• Identity Document Validation (IDV)

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    What is Identity Document Validation (IDV)?

    Identity Document Validation (IDV) is often requested as a component of international screenings and verifies the provided passport, national ID, or driver’s license is authentic and validly in circulation. 

    How do I complete Identity Document Validation (IDV)?

    If your international background check includes Identity Document Validation (IDV), you will be prompted to upload either your national identification, driver’s license, or passport when completing the screening invitation. 

    When uploading your identification please consider the following:

    • Identification must be valid and unexpired
    • The uploaded image must include both your photo and your signature
    • All four edges of the card or page must be displayed
    • When uploading a National ID and driver’s license images of the front and back are required
    • When uploading a Passport images of the photo page and the signature page are required 

    Why am I being asked to provide a new photo of my identification?

    You may be asked to provide a new photo of your identification when we have not been able to verify the identity document you previously uploaded. This can happen as a result of image quality or if a file is corrupted. Please ensure that you're providing a clear, legible image and that you can read the information in the photograph of the document clearly before submitting it.

    If you are taking a photo of a document or license, please turn your flash off to ensure that the image is not distorted by the light or reflective material on the document.

    How long does Identity Document Validation (IDV) take to complete?

    The standard turnaround time for validation of national identification is 3-5 days. Passports provide the quickest turnaround time with results in 1-2 days.